We buy Houses Fast in Concord CA in any condition Fast Cash

We Buy Houses Fast in Concord, California in any condition Fast Cash

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Hi, guys. This is Beau and Mario with 247homebuyers.com. Mario’s going to talk about of some of the solutions we have for sellers that need money now, and the things we’re able to do for them as opposed to a traditional sale. Mario, why don’t you talk about it a little bit?

Yeah. A lot of times, the sellers don’t have funds to go rent a place or go get storage and get their stuff out in supporting the situation and they’re just tight on money. So, what we’ve done is we’ll put $15,000-$30,000 earnest deposit, release it pretty quickly, write it as soon as we get into escrow, give it to your seller so they can go get the storage facilities they need, go rent another place, start getting out of the property. And on top of that, what we do is we do 30 day rent-backs, 60 day rent backs. A lot of times, not even charging anything back, just free rent backs just so your seller has time to move out of the property. We’ve even assisted with our construction crews and our crews to help move some personal items and stuff like that.

Anyways, we make it really seamless. We make it drama-free, hassle-free and we understand a lot of these situations are very emotional and we know how to deal and work with your sellers and just make the transaction smooth and really just hassle-free. And all on the while, make you guys look good because that’s really our goal because we want to do more than one deal with you. So, come check us out. 247homebuyers.com.


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