Sell Your San Francisco Bay Area Property Fast hassle free We Buy Houses Quick Close


Sell Your SF Bay Area Property Fast hassle free  We Buy Houses Quick Close

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Beau Eckstein: Hi Guys, Beau Eckstein here, and Mario, at

Beau Eckstein: Anyway, we just want to talk to you today about, if you’re a real estate agent,

and you’re looking to sell a property that’s been sitting on the market. It needs a

lot of work, and it’s just not moving. It’s been on the market for 60, 90, 100 plus

days. We can definitely help you get that property sold. Not only that, if you

bring us an opportunity, you can double-end it, and get both the-


Mario M.: Sure.

Beau Eckstein: … sell side, and the buy side.

Beau Eckstein: In addition to that, we’re always looking for, off-market properties. So, if you

have a listing that needs a lot of work, and sometimes agents that I know get

properties that their clients are just looking to sell off to market, and want to

sell to an investor just for the ease of the transaction. That’s always a plus.

Beau Eckstein: And so, anyways, it’s really simple. You just go to and fill

out the form. You can call, text or email me, and Mario and I will come take a

look at the property, and get you an offer within two days. Just kidding. Within

two hours! Two days is way too long.


Beau Eckstein: We move really quick. We can typically close within seven days. We buy

properties as is, and then we can even help with relocation, and different things

like that. Your clients can leave all their-


Mario M.: All their stuff.

Beau Eckstein: Yeah, leave-

Mario M.: Personal belongings.

Beau Eckstein: … their stuff, and we’ll help them haul it out. So-

Mario M.: Absolutely.

Beau Eckstein: … We try to, we try to provide win-win solutions. Right now, we’re going to go

look at a property that’s been on the market for a long time. It needs a lot of

work, but we see some potential in it. And so, we’re going to go take a look at it.

Beau Eckstein: So, if you guys have any opportunity that you want to talk to us about, please


Beau Eckstein: Have a great day.

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