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Sell My Antioch, California House Fast


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Hi, this is Beau Eckstein with If you’re looking to sell your Antioch, California property fast, you’ve come to the right place. I just want to go over how our website works. You can always call us, or text me, or email me, but if you simply want to just go on the website, you go to That’s two, four, seven, home buyers dot com. Here’s how easy the process is: you click on the orange button, tell us a little bit about your property. We’ll contact you back very quickly, typically within 45 minutes. After we review the property details, we’ll get you an offer in writing, typically within two to three hours of your first contact.

If the terms are agreeable to you, we’ll do a quick walk-through of the property, and we can close as fast as seven days. We do the closing through a local escrow and title company, and that is up to you where you want it to be at, but typically, it’s near the property, or near you. Nowadays, it’s very simple because there’s traveling notaries that can even go to your home to sign all the closing paperwork.

We buy properties in as-is condition meaning we’re not going to request any repairs that you have to make. Typically, we’re going to write an offer all cash, which means there’s no contingencies as far as appraisal, or loan contingencies, or inspection contingencies for that matter. We’re trying to make this as easy as possible. You can even pick the date you want to close. Sometimes if it’s a rental property, we can help with the tenant removal. If you have a problem tenant, we can help on probates. We can help on inherited properties. We can help in divorce situations. We can help burn down homes we also purchase.

So, no matter what the situation is, we are here to help. A very quick four step process, one is go to You fill out the quick sheet. It gets emailed and text to me. I review it. I pull the property up online. I pull up the basic information after that. From there, typically I’ll schedule a walk-through of the property. If not, beforehand you will receive a written offer, and this will be as-is condition meaning you’re not going to have to do any repairs. And then once the agreement is signed by both parties, you as the seller, and my company as the buyer, that gets forwarded to the escrow company, and they’re the neutral, middle person that handles all the money, and all the numbers, and all the prorations.

So, if you’re looking to sell your Antioch, California property fast, you’ve come to the right place. You can email me, text me, fill out the form online, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you just want to see a comparison of what listing the property on the MLS versus working with an investor, and doing an as-is sale, the difference in net proceeds would be, we’re happy to give you an offer, and you can run your analysis, and figure out the difference. Typically, when you factor real estate agent commissions, and timelines, and things, the net difference between our offers is relatively the same if you factor in those conditions. So, I would urge you to at least give us a look, and feel free to reach out. Like I said, this is a no obligation. We will give you an offer, and if you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. We can negotiate it. We can work with you.

I’ll give you an example of a recent deal I just purchased. Lady needed to pay for her assisted living. She was moving out of her house. She was handicapped. She had no cash. She had some equity in the property, but she was under a real fast timeline to get the money to the assisted living facility so they would save her spot. So, I was able to come to an agreement on the purchase price. We signed the purchase contract. Part of the agreement was I was going to release thirty thousand to her right away, and then I would close two weeks later, which we closed, and we also gave her a 30 day free rent back, so she could stay in the property, and move when she needed to move. So, it was a win-win situation, and that’s what we like to do. So, feel free to reach out.

This is Beau Eckstein with 24/7 Home Buyers. I look forward to speaking with you, and hopefully putting a deal together to buy your property. Talk soon. Have a great day.



Beau Eckstein


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